This story as described below is a very sad commentary on life and how good people are improperly treated for no good reason. In November of 2016, our company, MX Properties, Inc, was contacted by it long time consultant, Mr John S Diak, regarding business funding that it had been seeking for a long period of time. During this call, Mr Diak informed MX that its funding was finally ready to be released. Of course, MX Properties, Inc was elated after such a long period of time that its long awaited transaction would finally be consummated. Yet, there was an immediate catch, Mr Diak informed MX Properties that the attorney in the transaction, Ms Carmen De Souza was demanding that $11000 in fees be paid prior to the release of its funds. 

This last minute demand from Lisbon lawyer Carmen De Souza caught MX Properties, Inc by total surprise. MX had been funding the transaction for almost 15 months to this point without receiving any of its promised funding. In what MX thought was an affirmation and act of good faith, attorney Carmen De Souza, composed and demand / inducement letter to Mr John Diak which simply stated that up receipt of the $11000 for "fees", MX Properties, Inc would promptly receive its funding "immediately". On 18/11/2016, MX Properties reluctantly but promptly wired $11000 in funds to coordinates supplied by Carmen de Souza. This entire event caused much consternation to MX, however, seeing that the inducement came from Ms De Souza, and officer of the court, MX felt comfortable that it was dealing with a professional and an individual of integrity. Two things that continue to haunt MX Properties to this date are (1) Ms De Souza failed to define the "fees" called for in her 16/11/2016 letter; and (2) Ms De Souza failed to identify who her client was in the her 16/11/2016 letter. Thus, MX has privy only with Carmen De Souza for future troubling litigation.

On 18/11/2016 Ms De Souza wrote a follow up letter to Mr Diak that clearly stated that "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing payments". At this point, MX Properties, Inc felt quite comfortable that its long awaited transaction would finally be concluded. However, within a few days, MX realized that there was a problem -- the transaction had NOT been completed as promised and even worst, Carmen De Souza went silent and refused to communicate with MX Properties what the problem was with completing the release of the $5mm EURO funding. Days became weeks and weeks turned into months. This ordeal will soon be approaching SEVEN weeks since attorney Carmen De Souza confidently stated that MX Properties would be receiving its funds "IMMEDIATELY" upon receipt of the mysterious "fees" that it was induced to pay.

In short, MX Properties, Inc kindly requests that Ms De Souza act in good faith and ensure that the transaction is completed promptly as was promised in both of her letters. It should be well pointed out that MX Properties, Inc acted in quick fashion to pay the "fees" that were demanded and acted in totally good faith.

It is interesting to note that MX Properties has been continually threatened by an individual we believe that was part of this matter; however, we will not release their name as (1) MX has no idea who the individual is; and (2) MX via Carmen De Souza's letters has NO privy to the individual seeing that they are not disclosed in either of Carmen De Souza's letters.

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